Help Bloomsberry Bowling or Namco funscape bowling London 10 points?

Hey guys, I want to hold a small birthday party for my 21st birthday and I was wondering which place would be best go to to. Either Bloomsberry bowling or Namco funscape bowling station.
With bloomsberry bowling not only do they have bowling lanes, resturant and bars, but I can hire a private room with 5 bowling, dancefloor, Dj with music, karaoke room, arched room, cocktail bar etc, plus also can order food and from the restaurant and have it been delivered to your room.
Whereas with Namco station, they have bumper cars, arched room, bowling lanes, bar, restaurant and the food menu is alittle bit better than bloomsberry.
From the reviews that I have seen so far people keep saying that bloomsberry bowling is far better and more fun than namco nd that namco is completely rubbish. I’m only really interested in namco because of the bumper cars and food menu, but in all to suit my 21st first Bloomsbury bowling Center sounds better.
Can anyone give me their advise on which one would be much better.

Is anyone familiar with the Kings Road in London- or specifically a bar/ club called 'The Morrison'?

I’ve been invited to a party there next month and know as much about London as I do about the rings of Saturn. What is this area of London like, rough or nice? And the venue itself?

Any informed insight welcome- thanks!
Note: I have looked on the venue website, but I’d like to hear from anyone who knows it well…the postcode is SW6 if this helps!

What happened to the sunday night open mic night at the spot bar, covent garden, london?

There used to be a fantastic open mic night with live band at the spot bar in covent garden, london every sunday night.

What happened to this night when the spot bar closed down and reopened as an awful trendy members club jewel.

Did the open mic night move to a new venue??

Which job can I expect to get in London?


I’m moving to London in december, or january. I’d like to get a job there, to improve my english and I’m wondering what kind of job can a foreigner get, instead of bar staff or waitress? I’ll certainly start with it, but do you have other ideas?

I have to specify that I’m not totally binlingual, that’s why I’m a bit worried.